Finding The Best Teeth Whitening Products

When it comes to searching for the best teeth whitening products most people have been burned at least once or twice (financially speaking). There are too many teeth whitening products on the market, most of which aren’t any good or not as effective as they really should be. Some companies use this as a tactic (selling teeth whitening products that barley work) to get their customers to buy more and more of their product to see results which leads to more revenue for their company, but not all companies are like this.

mint cosmetics kit inside boxWe highly suggest you check out our reviews regarding the teeth whitening products that we’ve reviewed so that you can come up with your own opinion as to which teeth whitening product would be best for you. Right off the bat we suggest you check out these two these whitening products, one which is called Mint Cosmetics Teeth Whitening Kit and another which is called Teeth Whitening 4 You.

These two teeth whitening products cater to a different audience. What I mean by that is one uses hydrogen peroxide and another one is an e-book with tried and tested methods which naturally whiten your teeth without the use of hydrogen peroxide.

If you’re not familiar with hydrogen peroxide, it’s the main ingredient that dentists use when whitening your teeth. This is why when you go for an in office teeth whitening treatment they use hydrogen peroxide, it’s considered as the best teeth whitening agent currently on the market. As a matter of fact, it’s the only known agent that actually whitens teeth and this is why we recommend the mint cosmetics teeth whitening kit as they use the maximum allowed hydrogen peroxide in their product which is 6%, this is considered safe for  home use, according to the FDA. You can perform a google search to confirm that hydrogen peroxide is used by ALL dentist that perform teeth whitening, any teeth whitening products that says it whiten teeth but does not use hydrogen peroxide as an active ingredient is a 100% SCAM (with the exception for products being marketed for people with sensitive teeth). With that being said, some people don’t like to use hydrogen peroxide because they have sensitive teeth and would rather use a more natural method of whitening their teeth which is perfectly fine. This is why we recommend the Teeth Whitening 4 You product, it’s not as effective as the mint cosmetics teeth whitening kit but it teaches you how to get very similar results without the use of hydrogen peroxide. If you want dentist’s like quality results, then your only choice would be to use a kit like the mint cosmetics kit. Every single dentist that does teeth whitening uses hydrogen peroxide because it simply works.

Another reason why some people don’t want to use hydrogen peroxide is that when you overuse hydrogen peroxide or when you use a high concentration of hydrogen peroxide it can really cause problems. This could cause gum recession to occur. Now the reason why the FDA limits teeth whitening product companies to 6% hydrogen peroxide for any take-home teeth whitening products is to help prevent issues that could affect your teeth negatively. The only people that are legally allowed to use high concentration of hydrogen peroxide are dentist. Dentists are allowed to use up to 30% of hydrogen peroxide which are dangerously high levels and could cause many problems if not carefully monitored.

TW4USome people don’t want to take that risk and would rather go a safer route so this is why we highly recommend you check out the Teeth Whitening 4 You e-book. It contains 100% safe methods that have been proven to whiten your teeth without causing any need for concern. It also informs about products you should avoid eating and drinking, which causes your teeth to stain quicker so that way you can keep your teeth whitened for longer. This book is exceptionally good for people were on a budget and can afford to go to the dentist or purchase a teeth whitening kit because it’s a one-time fee and you get lifetime updates.

So no matter which route you decide to take, you are in good hands. Both companies offer a 30-day refund (Teeth Whitening 4 You offers a 60 Day Refund) if you’re not satisfied with the product and they both have great reputations, one of which have been reviewed by New Beauty and Allure Magazine so you can rest assured that you’re getting your money’s worth at the end of the day.

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